Gypsy MC Hobo Run 2013

The Goliad Chapter puts together a truly unique annual run that, in contrast to other Gypsy MC events is a journey driven in contrast to a destination driven event. The shared mission of the Hobo Run is to share both the road and the history of the Gypsy Motorcycle Club. This year the run started in Stockdale at Gypsy Snuffy's gravesite.. From Snuffy's grave we rode to the Crawfish Open in Llano and then to Friday night's campsite on the San Marcos River. The group camped on the beautiful San Marcos River on property owned by Honey B's cousin Marrian and her husband Spud. The evenings history program was led by Raoul with contributions from Hombre, Silver Tongue, Blue, Roadrunner and 2-Holer. On Saturday we rode from San Marcos to Belle's Landing near Angleton. The second evening's program focussed on both history and club culture. Sunday morning we visited the bar and restaurant at Belle's Landing and took a voyage on the Brazos River on Captain Mike's Brazos Belle.

All in all - A Good Time Was Had By All