Gypsy MC Good Samaritans

2013-02-09 Massacre FNNB
I received the following letter written by Ron Andersen from Gypsy MC Int'l Secretary Elite. Elite had received the email from Ron who had sent it to the Alamo City Chapter. I did a little checking and found that a former New Braunfels member and then Alamo City prospect, Joshua (tragically killed on his bike in March) had been our guys who had initially stopped to assist. They called Area C SA Zero, his wife PowWow and Parachute who brought a trailer to the scene of the crash and rescued the bikes. Although we never like to hear a story of an injury accident involving a motorcycle it's great to know that our members are always ready to help with "Good Samaritan" actions.

What follows is Ron Andersen's email of gratitude to members of the Gypsy Motorcycle Club (the photo is of me, Raoul, with several New Braunfels members at Alamo City's Massacre):

On September 28, 2012, in Selma on IH35 I was behind my son. We were on a bike ride to Temple and back. Nearly home the traffic started to slow. One car cut in front of another etc. My son washed out his bike at 60 MPH. This was a very serious accident. 

Watching your son stop breathing on the highway is traumatic to say the least. As I laid there on the concrete covered with my sons blood a lady helped with CPR.  I was screaming from inside. "I can't do this!" "I need help!" "I am all alone!". My mind was racing with the helplessness of it all. I wasn't strong enough to even think. Then she got him to breath. 

I told you all that to tell you this. 

As the paramedics got there I got out of the way. I saw a Gypsy vest then another and another. I asked if they could move the wrecked bike. They already had done it and secured the keys. I said, I don't know what to do. A guy named Wes said "you go with your boy we have this". Another guy said " we have this all covered". I think one drives a Victory High Ball.  I told them my bike needed to go someplace and again they said they had it covered. 

They stood strong by our sides ready to help in any way. They calmed me, and shared their strength. They moved my bike. They took custody of my running bike. They got up with my friend taking time out of their day to get my bike back to my house. They very simply offered (Anything I needed to help).

Should anyone ever be so unfortunate to need help like I did, I hope they are lucky enough to see the Gypsy rocker. It represents someone who cares, someone who won't leave a biker worse than he found them, someone to be trusted. 

Eight broken bones and a head injury later my son will recover by the way. 

Please thank these folks if you find them. They may not be your chapter. Please let them know they made a difference. 

Ron Andersen