League City Members Attend Erdin-Erdin's Funeral by Gold Finger

League City member Gold Finger submitted this trip report chronicling their ride to Erdin’s funeral on Saturday and their return trip on Sunday. Take a read through how these Gypsy’s rolled and how the club celebrated the life of one of our most important members ... Raoul

Preface from the author:
“I know this is long, but this tale must be told in the detail and spirit in which it was ridden, that two days in November, 2010.”
The Trip
As attrition thinned the herd heading to Erdin-Erdin’s funeral in Del Rio, the remaining League City travelers, Walkin Eagle, Gold Finger, and his ever faithful bride Lippy packed and made final preparations for the 800 mile trip.  “Ipod? Check, toothbrush?, check, clean undies, check, credit card, check!” exclaimed Lippy as she threw the last pair of thongs into the T-bag. 
Getting up at 4:00am on Saturday, the day of the funeral, was an experience.  First stop, pick up Walkin Eagle.  As Lippy and Gold Finger went flying down the freeway, they looked over and saw Walkin waiting at the established meet-up point.  “Damn, this isn’t starting out good” said Gold Finger as they turned the bike around at the next exit to loop around. That’s one of the many reasons why Gold Finger will NEVER be the Road Captain!  With all three travelers in tow, a two-bike pack headed west towards Del Rio.