A Golden Life by Hill Country Gypsy Goldeloxxx

An opportunity for a Golden life is not given to many. If you’re presented with the opportunity, make certain that it’s valued. Treat it like a treasure and know that, if this treasure is lost, your life will never be the same. If it’s truly yours, it will stay with you as long as you live; through the ups and the downs. Stand strong. Stay true. Set value to those things that matter: Honesty, Loyalty, Undying faith in your Family that they will be there when you need them and a complete understanding that you will do the same.

Your words and actions are the only gift you can give back to this Golden life. Make sure that they always represent truthfully, as those who have gone before us would respect. Treasure the past, but build upon it for the future so that those following in our footsteps will also have an opportunity to live as we live. Stand strong against those who question all that our life represents. Think twice…speak once. Don’t tear down but find the opportunity to build up your Family. Remember that each and every spoken word can blossom like a flower or fester like a weed.