A Message from Gypsy Iron Butt and Mamita

Del Valle Lifer Iron Butt had a woman pull out in front of him the day after Thanksgiving. He tried to swerve around her, but collided anyway, trapping his leg between a 2005 Gold Wing and her car. The Doctors tried to save his foot, but after a couple of surgeries, they determined there was just too much damage and amputated from mid-calf down last week. He went home from the hospital Wednesday, December 8.

The following message was received from Iron Butt and Mamita:

I'm home everybody. I want to thank you all for all the love you brought to me and Mamita. I can't describe the emotions I feel from your support. When faced with the facts of losing my leg, my emotional reaction was nothing compared to the emotions I felt with each visit and phone call. Even now, just looking back over the last 2 weeks makes me misty.

The love came from far and wide and I want all to know of my thanks.
Iron Butt & Mamita