Caution, Breezy Riders Ahead by Alduro

For those of you who don’t know Alduro, he patched into the Grapevine (now Justin) chapter in July 2010. He seems to be a bright young member (the kind we need in this club) with old school values and an appreciation of what an MC should be. I’ve not spent nearly enough time with Alduro and always look forward to seeing him at club events. He’s a kindred spirit as we both struggle to translate our experiences into the written word. Check out his blog site, “The Wandering Gypsy”, at:

When I saw Alduro at our annual mandatory event last month (May 2012) we talked for a short time and I noticed he had his camera with him. I suggested he take some pics for the Int’l website and he agreed. You can see his work and that of others in the photo gallery if you’d like. Anyway, Alduro not only took a lot of great pictures but also wrote this, rather humorous tale, of his adventure.

Alduro, thanks from Raoul