Alamo Gypsy Member Carol by Carol and Raoul

The Gypsy Motorcycle Club is fortunate to have a population of lady members who are committed riders who can hang with the hard core male riders in the club. Back in the day, Papa Jack Simerly told Tiger Red that he thought “women who rode their own motorcycles were the neatest thing since corn liquor”. When I first came into the club, a short ten years ago, one of the first members I met outside of my chapter was Uno Mas. She’d just made the transition from a Sportster to the Road King that she’s still riding. Over the years, she’s logged well over a hundred fifty-thousand miles and often makes a couple of rallies during a single weekend. Another example of a hard core lady rider is now retired lifer, Woo! Hoo!. She rides a Ducati Monster that she bought in New York and rode back to Texas by herself. I’ll bet you can think of several lady members that deserve our respect as hard core riders.

Late last year I met a gal, Carol, who had just patched into the Alamo City chapter. The Houston chapter, Mouthpiece, Eyeball, Bill the Cat, our prospect and I were in San Antonio for Monty Mann and the President’s Meeting and were doing the Friday night fun run. We were at the last stop when I first heard Carol’s voice as I was walking through the bar and past the karaoke stage that led to the outside seating. I heard Carol belting out an old Beatles’ tune from the Abbey Road album called “Oh! Darling”. The quality of her voice took my breath away. I stopped and listened as she continued her performance and applauded when she finished. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself and talk with her that night.