"One Percenter Encyclopedia" a Book Review by Raoul

This maybe the first book review written for the Gypsy MC website. I say “maybe” because it may not turn out to be a book review. Let’s backup a minute - what I’m hoping will be a book review probably won’t be a traditional review. It’ll still contain observations about the book and what value I gained from it as a reader. It may be more of a record of the events resulting from my contribution to Bill Hayes’ new book: One Percenter Encyclopedia (OPE). However you view it, it’s as much of a back story of how an offer was translated into a product as it is about a book that you might want in your library.

At first blush you might ask, why a review of the One Percenter Encyclopedia? Here’s the answer - first, the book is written by Bill Hayes, who I’ve found to be a friend of the Gypsy Motorcycle Club. Second, I wrote the section on our club and a literature review that actually ended up in Bill’s book and third, as Bill writes in his introduction, “The clubs on the list are not only the clubs that wear the diamond 1% patch. And they’re not necessarily the clubs that embrace either the one percenter file heading or the outlaw persona. But they are indeed part of it.” The Gypsy MC is definitely part of this culture - we not only wear a three-piece patch but we also once straddled the fence between a couple of labels that are used to describe elements of this phenomenon we know as MC. The Gypsy Motorcycle Club, even though we are a family club, is included because we’re part of a larger population of all motorcycle clubs (all wearing the “MC” patch) and because we’ve been characterized by the author as a “pioneer” club.