Goliad Gypsy MC Hobo Run by Raoul

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Goliad President Jester first shared their plans for the Hobo Run during a ride we took to Oklahoma and Arkansas last September. His ideas for the Hobo Run was to make it truly an “old school” event. Where we stayed at a historic hotel during the Papa Jack Memorial Run, Jester planned for Hobo riders to tent camp. That’s taking the old-school approach back to its roots.

The First Annual Hobo Run, sponsored by the Goliad Chapter, was held over the New Year’s Day weekend that marked the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. No cars, no trucks, no RV’s, no bike trailers - just what you could pack on your bike. Riders, about thirty of us, left Goliad Friday morning and rode two hundred twenty-five miles to an “undisclosed” location. We rode back roads through towns like Cuero and Gonzales and Meyersville and Shiner and Nixon as well as through Palmetto State Park with it’s impressive scenic overlook. We stopped for beer and pizza in Shiner and finished the first day’s ride in Union Valley, a ghost town the Texas folk hero and cold blooded murdered John Wesley Hardin is credited for creating. It seems that Wes murdered a County Sheriff in downtown Union Valley and terrorized the good folk of that town so much that they picked up stakes and relocated the town six miles down the road, thus establishing the community of Nixon, Texas. So much for Texas history.