The Serious Relationship Between a Biker and His Motorcycle: Observations According to Goldfinger

Here’s another article from Goldfinger that describes the relationship between the biker and the bike – after all, it’s a motorcycle club and that little patch on the back of your colors, the one that says “MC” is one of the most important patches you wear. It means MOTORCYCLE CLUB and it’s a patch that’s worn by a lot of guys and gals throughout the world … it means that the club revolves around motorcycles. When other clubs look at you and your colors and your bike and your demeanor and how you handle yourself in public, do they think you’re a part of the MC society? Do you deserve to wear that little patch? …. Think about it! Raoul

Here’s Goldfinger’s thoughts:

During a phone call a couple of days ago Red Rocker Raoul, the heart of the new electronic Gypsy age, suggested a topic for my next article. I believe he said something like “It would be interesting to have an article on the relationship between the rider and his bike.” That’s at least what I heard, so this is my attempt at that answer. This article probably isn’t what he was thinking about at the time, but it is what I thought it should be about. So here goes.
It doesn’t matter what you ride, so long as you ride.  I can’t understand why anyone would ride anything other than a Harley Davidson , but I understand their own unique reasons and requirements. My grandfather used to say “If everyone liked the same thing, they would all be after your grandmother!” I personally don’t dog other makes of motorcycles, style of motorcycle, or any other decision an individual might make, but ...  if you buy an uncomfortable but cool looking bike, don’t make excuses why you don’t ride because it is uncomfortable, etc. There are many bike “owners” at my work place. If there is a 20% chance of rain, only one or two bikes will show. On a sunny day with no rain, we have as many as 15 bikes parked in the motorcycle parking lot. My suggestion to them is “Pack a RAIN SUIT!” Riding in the rain is not the best ride you can have, but most of the time it is really not that bad. You might as well get used to it because one of these days you are going to get stuck in the rain even with all the planning and watching the weather reports. The answer is to be like a Boy Scout - be prepared.

A bike is the cowboy’s horse of yesteryear. Like the cowboy, a biker is intertwined with his motorcycle. It is his entertainment, transportation,
and social life. Most every Gypsy run has bike games that are the modern equivalent of the rodeo. How many rides have you been on when the entire pack is slowing down for a stop light and everyone has their feet on their floor boards and pegs, trying to do the slow ride? It’s good practice for your next “rodeo”. A smart individual gave me some great advice at one of the Mandatory’s in the past. This Gypsy was known far and wide as one of the best slow ride riders in Gypsy MC. My problem was that I was not going to enter that slow ride because not only he was in the race, but so was another Gypsy who was also famous for riding his sport bike with great success in slow rides. (Guess who they are J )  The advice I got was “How can you ever expect to get better if you don’t participate?  Everyone had to start at some point.”  Because of this conversation I entered that race and now try to enter in every slow ride I can. I’ve even won a couple of times, but not very often J . Point is to grab the bull by the horns and give it a shot. The world is full of spectators, so be a participant. Don’t watch a reality show, be the main attraction!

Someone told me that the last thing a biker would sell would be his bike. He might lose his car, his house, his TV and stereo, or even his X-box, but the bike is the last thing to go. At that point a life of crime, begging, or prostitution can be justified. (You do know I’m kidding right?)  But the point is, a biker’s bike should be his top priority.  Money getting tight at home?  Cut back the AC or some other activity. Your bike will always be there for you! A couple bucks for gas, an open road, and a good friend to ride with makes for hours of entertainment.

A biker is someone who rides no matter the situation. I have three friends in my area who have been in serious bike accidents. All were laid up in the hospital for many days and still suffer the effects of those accidents. I have nothing but the highest respect for these three. I don’t have any clue how they had the balls to get back on and ride. To me, this is probably one of the hardest things for an individual to do. To have a constant reminder of their crash through pain but yet push through and throw a leg over the saddle is incredible. Hats off and respect to Gypsies Whiskey Tango, Becca, and Raoul and all the other Gypsies (and Independents) who have had crashes and still continue to ride.

Life gives you opportunities, but it is up to the individual to take advantage of the opportunities.  Make an excuse to ride, not why you can’t ride. A tattoo on your arm that says “Ride Free” is so un-cool looking out from a window in a car. Give me a call and let’s go ride!

Gypsy GoldFinger
League City Gypsy MC Secretary