Introduction to Legislative Updates

Motorcycle Rights Organizations (MRO’s) are an important and necessary part of our motorcycle community. We have several MRO’s in Texas that serve our interests. These include ABATE (originally A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments but later changed to Alliance of Bikers Aimed Towards Education), AMA (American Motorcycle Association), COC (Confederation of Clubs - note that there is another organization sometimes referred to as COC that is the Coalition of Clubs. The Confederation has a purely legislative mission) and TMRA2 (Texas Motorcycle Rights Association). An umbrella organization NCOM/AIM (the National Coalition of Motorcyclists and Attorneys for Injured Motorcyclists) who's mission is to unify motorcycle rights organizations.

The Gypsy Motorcycle Club has chosen to focus our support through the COC and TMRA2. All the MRO’s have a single mission and that is to protect our right to live the MC (Motorcycle Club) lifestyle. The strength of the COC is it’s ability to muster rapid support for defined causes through a group called “Defenders”. A “call to action” (CTA) is made to the MC Defenders and they, in turn, communicate the CTA request to their members. The members respond to the CTA by phone, email or letter to their representative or congressman, thus demonstrating either support or opposition to the proposed legislation.