Texas 2013 Legislative Day - January 27-28th

Received from Area D Legislative Assistant -

The following is some of the info about the upcoming Ride to the Capitol. There will be seminars held at the VFW hall here in Austin on January 27th followed by the Ride to the Capitol on January 28th. The following is an excerpt from my notes from the last COC/COI meeting.
  1. January 27, 2013, the doors to the VFW at 500 VFW Road, Austin, Texas (North Austin just off of IH35) will open at 9am. ABATE Texas will have a seminar on writing letters to your representatives.  TMRA will have a “meet and greet” seminar at the VFW  after ABATE Texas. This seminar is to help  those going to the Capital to get the most out of their time meeting with their representatives. TMRA will also have computers set up to help you identify your representatives. After the TMRA seminar there will be a COC/COI meeting.
  2. January 28, 2013 is the Ride to the Capital. Doors at the VFW open at 8am. Parking for the ride has not yet been determined. Parking will be determined prior to the ride. Note, parking in the Capital garage is not free. If you park there you must pay. Last ride several people parked in the garage and left without paying. They did not pursue these people but it has jeopardized the parking for the upcoming ride.